Types of Networking Events

Types of Networking Events

Networking is all about making connections, whether you’re looking to make new contacts in your industry, find new clients, or simply expand your professional horizons.

These networking events can range from the informal and casual, to day-long affairs with multiple speakers and a formal schedule of events and meetings.

As an events platform that aims to cater to everyone, we pride ourselves on hosting a spectacular array of different events. With so much happening across so many cities, finding what you’re looking for may seem daunting. This helpful guide takes you through some of the different types of events on offer so that you can narrow down your search and find the event you’re looking for.

Business Events

Business events, including symposiums, trade fairs, and other events ideal for generating leads and keeping up to date with the latest developments in your sector. If your audience is B2B (Business to Business), or you’re looking to bring together specific companies from a certain sector, this is where your event belongs.


International Business Forums

These are huge global events, and will often be found in major cities at purpose-built venues, primarily in London when it comes to the U.K. They are designed to help national and international companies develop links across borders, making them perfect for companies looking to expand, or those who already operate on an international scale.


Trade Shows, Fairs, And Expos

Trade Shows are all about marketing. This is where companies gather in order to generate leads and demonstrate the quality of their products and services. This often makes them flashy and vibrant affairs, held in large spaces with a wide range of participants. There are also trade fairs which focus more exclusively on recruitment, events that are particularly well-attended in areas with a large number of students and strong academic institutions.


Team-Building Events

Team-Building Events have long since moved past the image of David Brent middle management types delivering confusing motivational speeches. These days, they are vibrant, enjoyable, and most importantly, effective ways of boosting company morale and fostering positive social dynamics.

There’s a strong emphasis on both the quirky and the physically demanding when it comes to team-building, with conventional options such as rafting, rope courses, and paintball situated alongside quirkier options like escape rooms.

Team-Building events can also be more introspective and thoughtful, focusing on emotional needs and social interactions as a way of building a more empathetic and comfortable workplace environment.

Executive Retreats

Where the professional and the social meet, and where work and play become one and the same. An executive retreat is an opportunity for organizations to gather their best and brightest to solve the big picture issues facing them in the months, and years, to come.

They’re also about luxury, whether it’s sending your valued employees off to a luxury hotel and golf resort in the picturesque hills of Scotland, or a 5-star city experience in London, complete with culture and food. No expense should be spared, as these retreats are as much about rewarding your best, and demonstrating why your company is a pleasure to work for.


Professional Events

Seminars, Symposiums, And Conferences

Professional events, including conferences and networking meetups which are great ways to make new contacts, generate leads and help take your career to the next level. If you’re looking to attract or bring together freelance and contracted professionals, then this is where you should be posting.

Whilst conferences are usually longer events, with multiple different speakers and discussions happening over the course of a weekend, and Seminars shorter, happening in just the single room. Both are unique showcases for learning, entertainment, and connecting with people within your field or sector.

Primarily, these events will be either academic or business focused, with the two often overlapping, and focused on key developments and topics relevant to the sector in question. To reinforce this they will have carefully selected guest speakers and experts from the relevant fields, these speakers will either deliver solo talks or host group panels with the chance for audience interaction, These events are often hosted in large modern venues, equipped for comfort, functionality, and easily holding large amounts of foot traffic and high attendance numbers.

Entertainment Events

Entertainment events for every taste and personality, involving the very best in gigs, exhibitions, open mics and more! Posting an entertainment event isn’t just for organisers, Good To Network can be a great way for artists and performers to organize and promote themselves, cutting out the middle man and connecting to their audience.

Exhibitions And Screenings

Depending on the medium and the nature of the performance in question, the space in which an exhibition or screening can be held will vary tremendously. Most art exhibitions will be held in private galleries, with a limited number of tickets, however, some artists do choose to display their work publicly, or in a more unconventional setting.

Film screenings will often take place as a part of a larger festival, especially when it comes to new and soon to be released works. However, there are often a number of alternative screenings of recent releases and cult classics held in cinemas, bars, and on university campuses across any city.


Conventions are tremendous opportunities for creators and fans alike, with the most prominent examples being the global Comic-Cons, which are held in a number of cities across the U.K. They are often great places for people with common interests to meet up, discuss and share a love for various aspects of pop-culture. As well as a place for artists and writers to promote their own work. They often range from the broad, covering a wide range of genres and styles, to the more niche offerings which focus on a very particular frame of reference.


The highlight of the British summer calendar, Music Festivals are lively and often rambunctious weekend-long affairs, covering everything from the eclectic sounds of Glastonbury to more low-key affairs that focus on certain styles such as folk or jazz.

Beyond music, there are also festival offerings for a wide range of mediums across the arts. With a number of notable literary festivals, film festivals, and comedy events such as the Edinburgh Fringe.

Festivals can also be social or political events, with bright carnivals and celebrations of diversity and identity that aim to promote inclusivity— whilst also giving people a chance to party in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Most notably, the various LGBTQ+ pride festivals held up and down the U.K in the month of June and on set dates over the calendar year.

Shows And Gigs

There is nothing quite like the experience of a live music or theatre show, with no recording ever managing to do the real thing justice. For live music, the options are plentiful and diverse, ranging from mega-acts adorning the stage of sold-out arenas to 100 people crowded into a basement show hoping to catch the next big thing. Alternatively, there are always hidden gem local acts to be found at pubs and open mics up and down the country.

Theatre performances will require planning in advance, and you may have to be willing to travel to see the show of your dreams. But, with a country as steeped in acting and writing tradition as the U.K, and with a number of critically acclaimed touring companies putting on shows, there are plenty of great options to be found no matter where you are.

Tours And Attractions

No matter which city you’re visiting, there will no doubt be a plethora of notable attractions for you to take in whilst you’re there. This includes museums, gardens, historical buildings, and much more. If you’re unsure, then a guided tour can be a great way to get to know a city through the expert guidance of trained locals, helping you find all the best spots quickly and simply.

Tours can also be destination events, taking visitors to areas of natural beauty and historical significance, as well as showcasing local flavor and culture. Notable examples include whiskey tours to the Scottish Highlands and historical tours of London.

Educational Events

All the latest and most important educational events, making this the perfect place to post your academic conference or seminar and reach as wide of an audience as possible. It doesn’t matter if your audience, is students, researchers, lecturers, or anyone involved in academia, posting it in this section will ensure they can be reached.

Training Courses And Schools

Training courses offer opportunities for businesses and individuals alike to either refine, upskill, or develop new skills in the hopes of furthering their professional development. Ran by skilled teachers and experts, they can last anywhere from one day to 2 weeks, and can even be run remotely using digital technology.

Training schools, on the other hand, may offer longer courses, with students dedicating their time to learning new skills or trades. They will often focus on specific industries, trades, and crafts, covering such diverse areas as cooking, coding, acting, and much more. These schools can be a way of learning the skills required for a new career, or a way of diversifying your current skill set.

Social Events

The most buzzworthy and must-attend social events, covering parties, club nights and more throughout the U.K, post now to make sure no one misses out on your party. No matter how small or big, if you want people to have a good time they won’t forget, then posting on Good To Network is the way to go.

Parties And Social Events

There is always something happening where you are, and that means more parties and social events than anyone can fit in their social calendar. These gatherings can range tremendously in terms of formality and tone. From extravagant ballroom affairs ideal for putting on your best dress or suit, to regular club nights where you can lose yourself in the moment.

On the more low-key end of the spectrum, there is a wide range of social events and meet-ups aimed at bringing together people with shared interests or ideas. These can include destination activities, such as nature walks, or something as simple as a book or writing group.

Charity And Fund-Raising Events

Often in the form of glitzy galas or catered events run by some of the very best chefs from around the globe. These are one-off events that can’t be missed, always in service of a good cause, they’re great for businesses looking to build community networks and strengthen their charitable donations, as well as rewarding deserving executives with an enjoyable evening.

On the other end of the scale, there are also a large number of community-driven charity events happening up and down the U.K. Building awareness and togetherness, these events focus on light-hearted fun in the name of a worthy cause.

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