Post A Networking Event

Post A Networking Event

If you’re looking to host your own can’t miss event, then head over to our ‘Post An Event’ page. We have separate categories for all the events hosted on Good To Network—business events, professional events, academic events, educational events, social events, and entertainment events. If you’re unsure of where your event belongs, there are a number of different factors you can consider that will help you determine the best tag for you. Perhaps the most important factor to consider is your ideal target audience. For example:

If you’re looking to attract an audience of business owners and representatives from major companies, with the purpose of informing or marketing to them, then your event belongs in businesses events

Conversely, if you’re looking to target individuals within professional sectors, for recruitment, facilitating networking opportunities, marketing opportunities or other aims. Then the professional events section will help you find the right audience for your event.

When it comes to social events, your audience could be anyone! Maybe you want to reach out to friends and family, or simply gather some strangers together to have a good time at your party, club night, or any social event.

For entertainment events, your audience can come from a broad range of demographics, but they will share a common interest. This can be a specific performer or artist, a whole lineup looking to attract fans of a certain genre or style, even something as broad as people who are just looking for new art or music to entertain them.

If you’re pitching to an academic audience, then educational events is the category for you. Likewise, if you’re running a training or skills course for professionals, then this is the ideal place to find your audience.

Once you’re ready to begin, you have to make sure you’re registered first! To do that, head over to our ‘create an event organiser profile’ page immediately, you can’t afford to miss out! Once you’re registered and your event is ready to go, you can host it for the whole Good To Network Community to find at our ‘Post An Event’ page.

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