Networking Groups

Finding the networking event you’re looking for is meant to be the easiest part of networking—but on many sites, this simply isn’t the case. We simply won’t stand for that. We don’t want you to waste your valuable time trawling through seemingly endless lists only for the event you’re looking for to be buried beneath 6 pages of unrelated events. That’s why this page exists. Here we let our members set up thematic groups and post relevant events to them—encouraging like-minded users and enthusiasts to share knowledge and plans and making the whole process as simple as possible!

We always want our users to be in the driver’s seat—which is why we’re not setting the groups for you. If what you’re looking for isn’t here then all you have to do is create a group related to it. It’s that simple. If you’re stuck for inspiration—why not take a browse through some of our suggested groups below.


This one isn’t just for all the party people—social events can come in a wide range of forms. Anything that’s about people getting together, having a good time, and meeting new friends can fit into this group. We suggest arranging your social subcategories according to things like venue, demographics, shared interests, and more.


Art exhibitions. Theatre productions. Movie screenings. Gigs. Even Circus Performances. If the goal is to be entertained by some form of performance, you can create an entertainment group for it. Imagining the subcategories for this one isn’t too difficult—but we’d suggest narrowing it down to genre and style—we doubt anyone looking for an EDM rave would care about the latest jazz events near them.


The world of business is built on networking—which is why we imagine some of our most important groups will end up in professional categories. No matter what industry you’re in, we’re sure you’ll be able to create a group for it. Also, with an amazing selection of female-led networking events focusing on women in business popping up, that could be a great idea for a group!

Crafts And Hobbies

Do you think of your hobbies as a solo endeavour? Well, think again. Craft and hobby groups are an amazing way of finding people with shared interests, as well as sharing tips and tricks. Another perk of our group creation system is that it makes it even easier for people to find new events that interest them. We all know that we have a whole host of hobbies we’d love to start if only we could figure out how to get started—and that’s what these groups will be able to achieve!

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