Liverpool : Chester, Warrington, Southport

Good To Network lists an impressive and eclectic range of events happening in Liverpool and other parts of Northwest England.

For a break from the bright lights of Liverpool, visitors can also enjoy the slower tempo of life in the picturesque city of Chester. There are also a number of spectacular scenic areas, such as the rolling dunes of Formby, or the truly breathtaking Lake District National Park

Liverpool is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.K, making it easy for anyone to find networking events in Liverpool across a number of many industries, as well as sporting the infrastructure, desirability and atmosphere ideal for hosting large scale industry events, exhibitions, and conferences. If you’re looking to host events in Liverpool, or make the most of this great city by finding networking events in Liverpool and finding event organizers in Liverpool—then has everything you need.

Liverpool can lay to claim to having one of the fastest growing regional economies in the U.K, with a growth rate of 3.1% in 2015 and an economy that is now worth over £30 billion to the U.K economy. All of which contributes to making Liverpool networking events more lucrative and more effective. It also means networking events in Liverpool are an opportune place for developing industries and companies.

Some of the largest sectors of employment in Liverpool include health, education, and retail. It also has burgeoning scientific research and development sectors. If you’re looking for networking events in those sectors, then you can find networking events in Liverpool, or find event organizers in Liverpool on Liverpool networking events in these sectors are also backed by the support of Liverpool’s three renowned universities, which make it a tremendous city for academic networking events and conferences.

Liverpool is home to a storied tradition of art and culture, having been at the forefront of the U.K art scene throughout the 20th century. It’s no surprise then that there are a number of great museums and art galleries to be found in the city as well as all the great entertainment events in Liverpool that you find on These include the Tate Gallery, the International Slavery Museum and the Walker Art Gallery. The Tate Gallery sports a revolving collection of must-see exhibitions and displays from leading contemporary artists, whilst The Walker offers a famed selection of classic works from the Pre-Raphaelite, Victorian, and other periods. Visitors attending networking events in Liverpool, as well as social events in Liverpool, and business events in Liverpool should be sure to check out these amazing galleries.

As to be expected for the home of The Beatles, Liverpool has a lot to offer music lovers. After attending a Liverpool networking event, fans of the great band, there are a host of tours and must-see spots. And for those with more contemporary tastes, Liverpool has a wide range of venues and clubs with live music on offer.

For sightseers, Liverpool’s draw is undoubtedly its architecture. One of the most spectacular and aesthetically pleasing cities in Europe, the focal point is the historic Albert Docks—home to the largest collection of listed buildings in the U.K. The Docks also contain a fantastic selection of galleries, museums, bars, and restaurants.

When it comes to food, visitors will have no shortage of tasty options to choose from when enjoying the sights and sounds of this great city. There are the unique views offered by Panoramic 34, one of the U.K’s highest restaurants. The mouth-watering tastes of the Cuban inspired Alma De Cuba, situated within a renovated building. Or, the juicy burgers and social vibes of the Baltic Social. To really take advantage of this through a social event in Liverpool or a networking event in Liverpool, you can find event organizers in Liverpool on

For shoppers, the best opportunities lie in Liverpool’s booming retail industry, the main event of which is the Liverpool ONE Leisure Complex. One of the largest retail developments in the U.K, it houses over 150 stores. There is also a tremendous selection of boutique independent clothing and other stores.

If you want to relax in a more upbeat environment, then Liverpool’s vibrant party scene and nightlife should be just the thing for you. Head down to Seel Street—voted the 4th ‘hippest’ street in the U.K— to party the night away at renowned venues like Heebie Jeebies, Be At One, and Arts Club.

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