Leeds: York, Hull, Doncaster

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Visitors to Leeds, and those attending networking events in Leeds, will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history and atmosphere of York, with its cobbled streets and famous cathedral. Those hoping to find networking events in Leeds can also look forward to taking in the many surrounding hills and moors, ideal for walking and picnics. This includes the national park area at Otley and the moors at Ilkley. Those looking for something more modern would be well-served by the busy former industrial city of Hull.

Laid back, with a relaxed urban atmosphere, and still densely populated, Leeds offers ideal networking and travel opportunities for both students and young professionals. Home to three of the U.K’s best universities, as well as one of the largest student populations in Europe, Leeds is a tremendous place to find academic networking opportunities, as well as insightful talks and conferences with guest speakers from around the world.

Leeds also has one of the largest professional populations in Europe, making Leeds networking events deal for networking and business opportunities, especially when it comes to media and marketing events in Leeds. As one of the largest financial sectors in the U.K outside of London, Leeds networking events are also an ideal place for those looking for events and networking opportunities relating to finance and business.

In terms of events in Leeds, the city is host to some of the best music, art, and food festivals in the U.K. The highlight being the world famous Leeds festival, with recent headliners including; The 1975, Kendrick Lamar, Fall Out Boy, and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The festival attracts over 70,000 revellers every year and is a must-attend experience for any music fan. For those who enjoy more visual entertainment, Leeds is also host to one of the largest film festivals in Europe in the form of the Leeds Film Festival.

Leeds is truly an artist’s city, having been home to such luminaries as Alan Bennett and Damian Hirst. And it shows in the many exciting museums and galleries the city has to offer. This includes the famed Henry Moore Institute and for those willing to venture a little further afield, the Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle—which consists of the Hepworth Gallery and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Alternatively, you can take in some fantastic public art courtesy of the Leeds Welcome Art Trail. Leeds networking events can also be great places to make connections for artists and performers. To find out more, browse Good To Network and find networking events in Leeds, or to find event organizers in Leeds.

When it comes to food, Leeds is home to some of the tastiest offerings from one of the U.K’s hottest trends—Street Food. Chow down on mouth-watering meals on the move from one of Leeds’ many appetizing food trucks and vendors. Additionally, if your timing is right you could have the opportunity to sample the popular monthly feast that is hosted at the Belgrave Music Hall.

For the adventurous and party-loving, Leeds boasts some of the best and liveliest bars and clubs in the U.K, having been consistently recognized in polls and surveys by partygoers from across the country. And for a more laid back social experience, Leeds offers a wide range of pub’s showcasing some of the many fantastic craft beers and ales that are brewed in the area.

In terms of retail and shopping experiences, Leeds is unmatched, featuring some of the busiest and best high-street shopping experiences in the U.K. Alongside the clean and modern Trinity Shopping Centre and Victoria Gate, genuine retail destinations that are home to some of the biggest brands in the world. For those looking for quality and an atmosphere with a little more charm, Leeds has a number of historical shopping arcades offering name brands such as Louis Vuitton and Harvey Nichols.

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