Event Locations

Event Locations

Events in London : Brighton, Oxford, Reading

If you’re looking to find networking events in London or to reach out to and find event organizers in London, then you’ve come to the right place. Good To Network has a wide range of events in London and in nearby areas such as Brighton, Oxford, and Reading.

With its transport links, it couldn’t be easier to attend and find networking events in London. It also means London is an ideal place for travellers and visitors to journey outwards and discover more of the U.K, including some of the best networking events in London. Whether you’re just visiting, or attending a London networking event and looking to relax afterward, there will be plenty of things to do. History buffs and fans of the mysterious could take one of the many shuttles to the famed monuments at Stonehenge. Those looking to take in the sun, or immerse themselves in a unique and bustling social scene can take the train to Brighton. Finally, London has strong links with the storied university cities of Oxford and Cambridge, both rich with history and prestige.

London is the hub of the U.K, it’s social, business, economic, and political heart. Because of this, London networking events are not to be missed out on, and there are a plethora of networking events in London, fantastic travel destinations, and can’t miss events in London. Making it an ideal place to host, book, or attend an event for anyone. And, if you’re looking to find networking events in London or find event organizers in London, there is no better place to look than Goodtonetwork.com.

The goal of any networking event is to make connections, and for this, there is no better city than London. As the epicenter of finance, business, and politics, as well as a densely populated and economically thriving hub, networking events in London are an ideal place to find those vital business contacts and connections.

Networking events in London are especially ideal for recent graduates and young professionals looking to break into their sector and climb the career ladder, with plenty of opportunity for making connections that will lead to finding the all-important perfect entry-level job.

A London networking event can come in many forms, including the wide range of career fairs spanning multiple industries, conventions featuring the biggest names and topics that are at the forefront of emerging trends in technology, banking, marketing and more. Meaning you have plenty of options to choose from when you’re looking to find networking events in London or find event organizers in London.

There is a diverse range of events in London for people to attend including cutting edge tech and business conferences and talks, vibrant music festivals that run all summer long, and mouth-watering food stalls showcasing cultures and cuisines from across the world.

Attending these events also means experiencing London, and all the famed attractions it has to offer. For those looking for a little bit of culture, visit one of its many world-renowned museums and galleries such as the Tate Modern and the Museum Of Natural History. For those looking for something a little more quirky, why not visit the haven of the weird and wonderful that is The Viktor Wynd Museum Of Curiosities

Fans of the dramatic arts can take in one of the many critically acclaimed theatre performances showcased in London’s renowned West End. If you’re looking for some retail therapy, then be sure to check out Camden Market, or for something on the other end of the spectrum one of London’s many department store institutions.

If you’re looking to unwind London has a number of tremendous gastropubs and trendy bars. Culinary highlights include the nose-to-tail offerings of the Anchor And Hope—located a short distance from Waterloo Station and the Gallic fine dining of The Coach. For those wanting a night to remember, look no further than the exciting and extravagant cocktails of the Lyaness, or kick back at London’s premier rooftop bar, Frank’s Cafe.

The towering cityscapes and unique architecture of London mean you can let your hair down in some truly spectacular locations. Whether it’s cruising along the Thames at one of the many lavish boat parties and cruises on offer, enjoy a drink in such eclectic venues as a Victorian Bath House or an underground Prohibition-themed speak-easy, or taking in panoramic views of the great city from a garden rooftop.

Events in Birmingham : Coventry, Wolverhampton, Leicester

Good To Network is the perfect place for those looking to find networking events in Birmingham, as well as those looking to find event organizers in Birmingham. Good To Network showcases a number of different networking events in Birmingham and across the West Midlands in cities such as Coventry and Wolverhampton.

Visitors and people attending events in Birmingham can also take in a number of different sights via day trip. The biggest draw is Stratford-Upon-Avon, the historic and scenic birthplace of William Shakespeare. Visitors to nearby Warwick can revel in the imposing sights of the beautiful Warwick Castle For thrill-seekers, the heart-pumping rides of Alton Towers are less than an hour away. Finally, those attending events in Birmingham can take advantages of its strong transport links to Coventry—recently appointed the U.K’s city of culture for 2021.

Friendly and welcoming, Birmingham is also one of the fastest growing cities in the U.K, one that is quickly developing a reputation as the U.K’s second capital. With its ideal geographical location and strong transport links, it’s the perfect location for large scale events and conferences, making Birmingham networking events a great place to make connections across the U.K . Birmingham networking events are also ideal for people looking to make connections between sectors, or attend national events like conventions and festivals. If you’re one of those many people looking to find networking events in Birmingham, or looking to find event organizers in Birmingham, then Goodtonetwork.com has a wide range of options to choose from.

In addition to these national events, there is also a selection of smaller Birmingham networking events to choose from, such as the Gem Media Networking Lunch and The Pheonix Lunch Club. The largest event venue in Birmingham is the renowned International Convention Centre, which attracts premier large scale events covering a diverse range of areas and topics—Making it a venue that anyone looking to find networking events in Birmingham, or looking to find event organizers in Birmingham, should investigate.

Birmingham also offers a wide range of cultural and entertainment experiences and events throughout the year that are perfect for visitors or those attending networking events in Birmingham. The highlight is undoubtedly Birmingham’s eclectic and lively music scene, with some of the best independent venues in the U.K as well as modern arena venues featuring chart-topping acts and international sensations. Birmingham also has in the form of The Electric Cinema—the oldest operating cinema in the U.K—a fantastic venue for film fanatics that is brimming with personality and charm.

As a city with a unique and fascinating history, Birmingham also has a number of museums covering a strange and absorbing range of topics. In addition to the main museum in Chamberlain Square, there is the Sarehole Mill—A still working watermill that is over 250 years old! And, for something a little more niche, there’s an entire museum dedicated solely to Birmingham’s 19th-century pen trade.

When visiting Birmingham there is no shortage of things to do and places to see. Beginning with its fantastic culinary scene, Birmingham is home to some of the very best fine dining in the U.K. With 5 Michelin starred restaurants, the most of any city in the U.K outside of London, alongside critically acclaimed independent restaurants such as The Wilderness and Original Patty Men.

When it comes to sightseeing in the city, the heart and soul of Birmingham is its world-famous canal network, fit to rival the likes of Amsterdam. Once you’ve finished your networking event in Birmingham you can take an idyllic walk alongside it. Flowing directly through the city center, it offers some truly unique paths and walks, as well as bustling Canalside bars. If you’re looking for a change of pace, and a break from the city atmosphere, Birmingham also has some truly spectacular green spaces, such as Cannon Hill Park, Aston Hall, and the fully restored Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens.

If you’re looking to spend money, then there is no better place than Birmingham, which features some of the U.K’s premier shopping and retail destinations. Including the famed Bullring—one of the largest dedicated shopping centers in Europe. As well as the fine ding and high-end retail outlet of the Mailbox, located somewhat amazingly in a restored sorting office. For the more independent-minded among you, there is the Great Western Arcade and the Piccadilly Arcade.

Events in Leeds: York, Hull, Doncaster

If you’re hoping to find networking events in Leeds or to find event organizers in Leeds, then Good To Network has everything you need. Good To Network has a wide range of exciting events in Leeds and throughout the rest of West Yorkshire, including all the best networking events in Leeds. All you have to do is join our community, and you’ll be able to find networking events in Leeds, as well as being able to find event organizers in Leeds.

Visitors to Leeds, and those attending networking events in Leeds, will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history and atmosphere of York, with its cobbled streets and famous cathedral. Those hoping to find networking events in Leeds can also look forward to taking in the many surrounding hills and moors, ideal for walking and picnics. This includes the national park area at Otley and the moors at Ilkley. Those looking for something more modern would be well-served by the busy former industrial city of Hull.

Laid back, with a relaxed urban atmosphere, and still densely populated, Leeds offers ideal networking and travel opportunities for both students and young professionals. Home to three of the U.K’s best universities, as well as one of the largest student populations in Europe, Leeds is a tremendous place to find academic networking opportunities, as well as insightful talks and conferences with guest speakers from around the world.

Leeds also has one of the largest professional populations in Europe, making Leeds networking events deal for networking and business opportunities, especially when it comes to media and marketing events in Leeds. As one of the largest financial sectors in the U.K outside of London, Leeds networking events are also an ideal place for those looking for events and networking opportunities relating to finance and business.

In terms of events in Leeds, the city is host to some of the best music, art, and food festivals in the U.K. The highlight being the world famous Leeds festival, with recent headliners including; The 1975, Kendrick Lamar, Fall Out Boy, and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The festival attracts over 70,000 revellers every year and is a must-attend experience for any music fan. For those who enjoy more visual entertainment, Leeds is also host to one of the largest film festivals in Europe in the form of the Leeds Film Festival.

Leeds is truly an artist’s city, having been home to such luminaries as Alan Bennett and Damian Hirst. And it shows in the many exciting museums and galleries the city has to offer. This includes the famed Henry Moore Institute and for those willing to venture a little further afield, the Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle—which consists of the Hepworth Gallery and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Alternatively, you can take in some fantastic public art courtesy of the Leeds Welcome Art Trail. Leeds networking events can also be great places to make connections for artists and performers. To find out more, browse Good To Network and find networking events in Leeds, or to find event organizers in Leeds.

When it comes to food, Leeds is home to some of the tastiest offerings from one of the U.K’s hottest trends—Street Food. Chow down on mouth-watering meals on the move from one of Leeds’ many appetizing food trucks and vendors. Additionally, if your timing is right you could have the opportunity to sample the popular monthly feast that is hosted at the Belgrave Music Hall.

For the adventurous and party-loving, Leeds boasts some of the best and liveliest bars and clubs in the U.K, having been consistently recognized in polls and surveys by partygoers from across the country. And for a more laid back social experience, Leeds offers a wide range of pub’s showcasing some of the many fantastic craft beers and ales that are brewed in the area.

In terms of retail and shopping experiences, Leeds is unmatched, featuring some of the busiest and best high-street shopping experiences in the U.K. Alongside the clean and modern Trinity Shopping Centre and Victoria Gate, genuine retail destinations that are home to some of the biggest brands in the world. For those looking for quality and an atmosphere with a little more charm, Leeds has a number of historical shopping arcades offering name brands such as Louis Vuitton and Harvey Nichols.

Events in Bristol : Bath, Cardiff, Swindon

There is a wide range of exciting events in Bristol and the South-West of England that can be found on our platform. Whether you’re looking to find networking events in Bristol or to find event organizers in Bristol, you’re in the right place at Goodtonetwork.com. We have all the latest in entertainment, education, social, business, and professional networking events in Bristol.

Whether you’re just visiting the city, or looking to attend one of the many amazing Bristol networking events, the surrounding areas offer a number of enticing sights and things to do. Those who are also looking to take in the period architecture and literary heritage of the city of Bath. For a truly modern city experience, visitors can also travel across the Severn Bridge to the Welsh capital of Cardiff. If you want to bask in spectacular views and browse an eccentric and weird collection of shops, then the town of the Glastonbury and the spectacular monument at the top of Glastonbury Tor is just a short trip away.

The crown jewel of the South-West, Bristol has swiftly developed a reputation as one of the U.K’s up and coming cities, having been voted the best city to live as recently as 2017 by the Sunday Times Places To Live Guide. Bristol is famed for having a true big city feel in spite of its size, as well as for its innovation and creativity. This makes networking events in Bristol ideal for businesses and professionals who look to set themselves apart. Aside from those opportunities, someone attending a Bristol networking event would also have the chance to take in some cutting edge talks and conferences. Additionally, the city is home to a large proportion of employees working in the health and social care sectors, meaning Bristol networking events focusing on those sectors could be successful. If you want to host such an event, and connect directly to people who are looking to find networking events in Bristol, or to find event organizers in Bristol, then why not create a profile on Goodtonetwork.com and reach the audience you need.

Networking events in Bristol have been buoyed by an influx of new professionals and dynamic ideas and innovations. This has led to a growing number of dedicated networking opportunities in the form of countryside hikes, casino catch-ups, vegan meetups, and many more quirky and entertaining opportunities that are also great for businesses and young professionals. This is in addition to large-scale events in Bristol—highlighted by the Business Showcase Event, the largest dedicated event in the South-west. The Showcase draws industry leaders from across the U.K and abroad. With the 2018 event featuring over 250 companies, it’s one of the best and largest B2B networking opportunities in the U.K. All of this means that if you’re looking to find networking events in Bristol or to find event organizers in Bristol, there are a number of tremendous opportunities waiting for you.

When it comes to exciting exhibitions, entertainment and events in Bristol, the highlight is undoubtedly St Paul’s Carnival, which has been celebrating the culture and style of the city’s African and Caribbean communities since 1968. As the home of the infamous Banksy, Bristol has one of the more unique and striking art scenes in the U.K, with street art from the likes of Cosmo Sarson often found in unexpected places. This is in addition to acclaimed contemporary galleries like the Arnolfini and interesting museums like the M Shed—located on the harbourside.When it comes to cultural experiences, Bristol offers a true big city experience with an eclectic mix of areas and offerings, each with its own unique atmosphere. For those looking for the bohemian and trendy, Stokes Croft has a wonderful combination of vintage stores, hip bars, and independent coffee houses. In fact, across the city, there are a host of independent coffee options fit for any caffeine fiend, including Little Victories, Small St Espresso, and Full Court Press. Bristol has a host of sights to delight tourists and visitors, including Bristol Zoo and the spectacular Clifton Suspension Bridge. If you want a more lively nocturnal experience, Bristol is also home to a wide range of exciting alternative nightlife destinations.

For shopaholics, Bristol offers an exciting modern complex in the form of Cabot Circus, which houses all the biggest high-street names such as Topshop, Mango, and Monki. As well as an impressive range of independent and concept stores on Park Street, including Cooshti, Fifty Fifty, Reiss, and much more.

Events in Manchester: Bolton, Blackburn, Wigan

At Good To Network, you’ll be able to keep to up to date with everything that’s happening in Manchester and throughout the northwest of England. Including all the latest entertainment events in Manchester, networking events in Manchester, and where to find event organizers in Manchester.

For people visiting, taking in entertainment events in Manchester, or attending networking events in Manchester, there are a number of options for exploring outside of the city. One of the most popular choices has always been a popular destination for people looking to take the short trip to Blackpool and take in the archetypal British seaside experience. For a more sedate experience, the rolling hills and luxurious countryside of the Pennines are also nearby.

There are few cities in the world that enjoy the reputation of Manchester, having solidified its place as one of the U.K’s most vibrant and exciting cities. Something that was reinforced when it came in first amongst U.K cities in ‘The Economist’s Global Livability Index’ in 2018. If you want to capitalize on this and find networking events in Manchester, or find event organizers in Manchester, then you shouldn’t look any further than Goodtonetwork.com. Our site hosts all the latest and best events in Manchester, with something for everyone.

When it comes to Manchester networking events, the city is full of tremendous opportunities for those within or looking to work within the media sector. As the home of the BBC and ITV, Manchester is a haven for media events and conferences. If you’re a media graduate looking to find networking events in Manchester or to find event organizers in Manchester, then joining Goodtonetwork.com will open up an array of opportunities and connections for you.

Manchester networking events also benefit from its status as one of the fastest growing areas in the U.K when it comes to startups—making it ideal for conferences and events focusing on digital and other emerging technologies.

Once you’ve finished attending one of the many great networking events in Manchester, there will be so much to take in when it comes to events and experiences. Manchester is a beacon when it comes to innovation, creativity, and expression. Nowhere is this more evident than during the Manchester International Festival— one of the largest showcases of theatre and performance in Europe.

There are also a host of exhibitions and talks relating to various fields science, buoyed by the support of the University Of Manchester which enjoys a strong reputation in those areas. Something that was brought into the popular consciousness when they developed Graphene, the world’s first 2D material.

If you’re looking to find networking events in Manchester throughout the festive season, you should also make sure to visit one of Manchester’s fantastic Christmas Markets, which offer a wide range of seasonal snacks and a lovely atmosphere.

For those looking for culture, Manchester is home to a thriving and diverse art and music scene. This includes some of the very best contemporary art galleries in the U.K, highlighted by The Whitworth—winner of the Art Fund’s Museum of the Year Prize in 2015 and host to works from iconic artists such as Andy Warhol and Cornelia Parker.

When it comes to music, Manchester has produced no shortage of bands over the years, from Joy Division to The Stones Roses, to Oasis, and that’s on top of a rave and clubbing scene that dominated the U.K in the 90s. The spirit of that scene can still be found today in the form of The Warehouse Project— a 3-month long celebration of dance and electronic music. There are also a number of iconic venues of all stripes, from the historic venues of the Hacienda and the Salford Lad’s Club to contemporary institutions like The Castle Hotel and The Deaf Institute.

Manchester is famed for its nightlife, and there are truly amazing experiences to be had no matter what your taste. If you want something more laid-back, then why not enjoy the fruits of one of Manchester’s 75 breweries in one of the many pubs or bars in the City. Or, those looking for something more heart-pumping could head to the famed Canal Street and sample its world-renowned nightlife.

If you’re attending one of the many great Manchester networking events then you’ll also need somewhere to satiate your appetite—the city has no shortage of options if you’re looking for a delicious meal. But, if you want something more unique, visitors would be well-served bu wandering the stalls Altrincham Market and taking in the sights and smells of one of the best open food markets in the U.K.

Events in Glasgow: Stirling, Kilmarnock, Falkirk

Good To Network has a tremendous range of events in Glasgow to choose from, This includes all the latest networking events in Glasgow and across Scotland. Goodtonetwork.com is the best place for people looking to find event organizers in Glasgow, or for people looking to find networking events in Glasgow.

For those attending one of the many exciting social events in Glasgow, or taking advantage of the many great Glasgow networking events, one of the best nearby locations to visit from Glasgow is the picturesque city of Stirling. Stirling offers a number of fine restaurants and spectacular views from nearby hills. Visitors and those attending networking events in Glasgow can also take one of many transport options north to Loch Lomond, and enjoy the truly wonderous sights of Scotland’s famed deep blue lochs and verdant hills.

Glasgow is a city transformed, having undergone rapid development in recent years on its way to becoming one of the U.K brightest cities—truly a hub of modernity, creativity, and innovation. This makes it an ideal time for those looking to host networking events in Glasgow, find networking events in Glasgow, or find event organizers in Glasgow.

Glasgow networking events are known for producing networking opportunities within a number of key sectors. The biggest of these being financial services, and in particular the fintech sector. With Glasgow already the epicenter for a number of key players within the global fintech scene, Glasgow networking events are ideal for business connections and events centered around this profitable and emergent industry. Alongside fintech, you will find Glasgow’s thriving engineering and high-tech development areas, with the city leading the way in emerging technologies and innovation. This should make it a profitable place for companies looking to patent the next big thing and develop the relevant networking connections. If you’re searching for opportunities in those industries, then Goodtonetwork.com is the perfect place to find event organizers in Glasgow, or to find networking events in Glasgow.

As a thriving business hub, Glasgow offers a number of amazing networking opportunities often with a focus on creativity and social connection. This is highlighted by the regular Collabor8te lunch club meetings—ideal for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs

As a UNESCO City Of Music, Glasgow is home to a thriving music scene. There are a number of exciting music events in Glasgow, with gigs ranging from small DIY venues to modern arenas featuring some of the biggest acts from across the globe. The city has earned a reputation as a tremendous platform for emerging musicians and fans alike. In addition to this, Glasgow is also the home of the Scottish National Opera, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and the Scottish Ballet.

Glasgow offers a tremendous number of cultural experiences for visitors and tourists alike, including being home to some of the best museums and art galleries in the U.K. With over 20 art galleries, Glasgow has one of the largest and most impressive civic art collections to be found anywhere. This includes globally renowned venues like the Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum. These sit alongside the Glasgow Science Centre, which offers a uniquely illuminating experience of both education and entertainment for everyone.

When it comes to sightseeing, Glasgow is a haven for those who appreciate unique and striking architecture. With a reputation for having forged its own, unique ‘Glasgow style’, as well as gothic and medieval buildings dating back hundreds of years and modern futuristic masterpieces from the likes of Zaha Hadid. Glasgow also boasts some verdant and sparkling green spaces, with a staggering 70 different parks to choose from, many nestled next to glorious blue lakes and rivers. And if you want to up the pace, there are a host of outdoor and leisure activities available.

In terms of food, the restaurants in Glasgow are able to showcase the fine fresh ingredients that Scotland is famed for, alongside a diverse collection of cuisines drawing inspiration from the far-flung reaches of the globe. Highlights include The Hanoi Bike Shop—offering traditional Vietnamese food in an informal setting that encourages sharing and social eating. And on the other end of the spectrum, the iconic Ubiquitous Chip, which has been spotlighting Scottish food and produce since its opening in 1971.

Events in Bradford: Huddersfield, Halifax, Leeds

Good To Network has a number of events in Bradford, and other West Yorkshire towns and cities for people to choose from. This includes entertainment events in Bradford, networking events in Bradford, and a growing hub from which people can find networking events in Bradford or find event organizers in Bradford.

Visitors and those attending networking events in Bradford can also take a day trip to enjoy the blustery yet beautiful expanses of the Yorkshire Moors and National Parks. Alternatively, whether you’re attending a social event in Bradford, or enjoying one of the many great Bradford networking events, you can enjoy the shopping, sights, and sounds of the large towns of Huddersfield and Halifax.

Bradford is a city on the rise, one looking to turn its unique cultural and industrial history into a new identity focused on creative and innovative businesses and industries. Making Bradford networking events an ideal hub for those looking towards growth and development, and for startups keen on reducing costs without sacrificing potential. If you’re looking to take advantage of this and find networking events in Bradford, or find event organizers in Bradford.

In terms of networking opportunities, Bradford currently has the youngest adult population in the U.K, making Bradford networking events well-poised to target that demographic. Bradford is also looking to target young professionals, using a ‘Shoreditch model’, meaning there are tremendous opportunities in those areas. If you’re a graduate or young professional looking to find networking events in Bradford or event organizers in Bradford, then register at goodtonetwork.com to make the most of your opportunities.

At present, the dominant sectors in Bradford are manufacturing, banking, and a burgeoning digital sector. Making it ideal for networking, conferences, and talks in those sectors. All of which are the subject of some of the many networking events in Bradford.

When it comes to events and experiences, the biggest draws in Bradford are undoubtedly its creative and cultural festivals. With highlights including the Bradford Literary Festival, the Bradford Film Festival, and the Animation Festival.

As the first official UNESCO City Of Film, as well as home to the UNESCO World Heritage site at Saltaire, Bradford has a rich selection of cultural offerings and sightseeing opportunities for visitors.

In terms of culture, Bradford is home to some fantastic museums and art galleries, with a unique and eclectic mix of subjects covered. Perhaps the most famous of Bradford’s museums is the National Media Museun which was memorably featured in Notes From A Small Island by acclaimed writer Bill Bryson. The media museum is perfect for fans of pop culture and the arts, with galleries on television, photography, film, video games, and more. In keeping with Bradford’s industrial heritage, there is also the Industrial Museum, chronicling the history of the city and the textile industry. For literature aficionados, there is the Bronte Parsonage Museum, dedicated to the lives and works of the famed sisters—who had a profound impact on the shape of modern literature and art.

For art fans, the biggest draw is Cartwright Hall. Contained within its impressive baroque facade is a wealth of works from some of the world’s greatest artists, including William Blake, David Hockney, and Andy Warhol.

The biggest draw for sightseers coming to Bradford is the UNESCO World Heritage site at Saltaire, this immaculately preserved 19th-century industrial town is now also home to many interesting sites, including the converted Salt Mill turned art gallery and a number of restaurants and shops. Visitors can also walk amongst the delightful listed buildings of Bradford’s ‘Little Germany’, these buildings were constructed between 1855 and 1890—at the height of Bradford’s wool and textile industry—and now form part of a popular residential and commercial area.

Bradford also has a number of scenic green spaces in which visitors can relax and enjoy the brief throes of the British summer. One of the most popular of these spaces is Lister Park, the focal point of which is the awe-inspiring Mughal Water Garden that draws on Bradford's rich cultural heritage and Asian community for its style and design.

When it comes to food and drink, Bradford’s most famous draw is its wide selection of curry houses and authentic South Asian food offerings. As well as its reputation for being a stronghold of real ale offerings, including the celebrated Bradford ‘Ale Trail’.

Events in Liverpool : Chester, Warrington, Southport

Good To Network lists an impressive and eclectic range of events happening in Liverpool and other parts of Northwest England.

For a break from the bright lights of Liverpool, visitors can also enjoy the slower tempo of life in the picturesque city of Chester. There are also a number of spectacular scenic areas, such as the rolling dunes of Formby, or the truly breathtaking Lake District National Park

Liverpool is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.K, making it easy for anyone to find networking events in Liverpool across a number of many industries, as well as sporting the infrastructure, desirability and atmosphere ideal for hosting large scale industry events, exhibitions, and conferences. If you’re looking to host events in Liverpool, or make the most of this great city by finding networking events in Liverpool and finding event organizers in Liverpool—then Goodtotnetwork.com has everything you need.

Liverpool can lay to claim to having one of the fastest growing regional economies in the U.K, with a growth rate of 3.1% in 2015 and an economy that is now worth over £30 billion to the U.K economy. All of which contributes to making Liverpool networking events more lucrative and more effective. It also means networking events in Liverpool are an opportune place for developing industries and companies.

Some of the largest sectors of employment in Liverpool include health, education, and retail. It also has burgeoning scientific research and development sectors. If you’re looking for networking events in those sectors, then you can find networking events in Liverpool, or find event organizers in Liverpool on Goodtonetwork.com. Liverpool networking events in these sectors are also backed by the support of Liverpool’s three renowned universities, which make it a tremendous city for academic networking events and conferences.

Liverpool is home to a storied tradition of art and culture, having been at the forefront of the U.K art scene throughout the 20th century. It’s no surprise then that there are a number of great museums and art galleries to be found in the city as well as all the great entertainment events in Liverpool that you find on Goodtonetwork.com. These include the Tate Gallery, the International Slavery Museum and the Walker Art Gallery. The Tate Gallery sports a revolving collection of must-see exhibitions and displays from leading contemporary artists, whilst The Walker offers a famed selection of classic works from the Pre-Raphaelite, Victorian, and other periods. Visitors attending networking events in Liverpool, as well as social events in Liverpool, and business events in Liverpool should be sure to check out these amazing galleries.

As to be expected for the home of The Beatles, Liverpool has a lot to offer music lovers. After attending a Liverpool networking event, fans of the great band, there are a host of tours and must-see spots. And for those with more contemporary tastes, Liverpool has a wide range of venues and clubs with live music on offer.

For sightseers, Liverpool’s draw is undoubtedly its architecture. One of the most spectacular and aesthetically pleasing cities in Europe, the focal point is the historic Albert Docks—home to the largest collection of listed buildings in the U.K. The Docks also contain a fantastic selection of galleries, museums, bars, and restaurants.

When it comes to food, visitors will have no shortage of tasty options to choose from when enjoying the sights and sounds of this great city. There are the unique views offered by Panoramic 34, one of the U.K’s highest restaurants. The mouth-watering tastes of the Cuban inspired Alma De Cuba, situated within a renovated building. Or, the juicy burgers and social vibes of the Baltic Social. To really take advantage of this through a social event in Liverpool or a networking event in Liverpool, you can find event organizers in Liverpool on Goodtonetwork.com

For shoppers, the best opportunities lie in Liverpool’s booming retail industry, the main event of which is the Liverpool ONE Leisure Complex. One of the largest retail developments in the U.K, it houses over 150 stores. There is also a tremendous selection of boutique independent clothing and other stores.

If you want to relax in a more upbeat environment, then Liverpool’s vibrant party scene and nightlife should be just the thing for you. Head down to Seel Street—voted the 4th ‘hippest’ street in the U.K— to party the night away at renowned venues like Heebie Jeebies, Be At One, and Arts Club.

Events in Edinburgh: Livingston, Dundee, Dunfermiline

There is a wide range of events in Edinburgh, including social events in Edinburgh, networking events in Edinburgh and more—all of which can be found on Goodtonetwork.com. Our impressive hub is all you need to find networking events in Edinburgh, or to find event organizers in Edinburgh.

Visitors, those attending entertainment events in Edinburgh, and those enjoying networking events in Edinburgh can also enjoy the benefits of strong transport links to the rest of Scotland. This includes the scenic beachside home of Scottish golfing—St Andrews. Alternatively, you can head south to enjoy the beautiful scenery and rugged beauty of the Scottish lowlands and border towns.

Home to the Fringe festival, and the seat of the Scottish government, Edinburgh is a uniquely historic and cultural city, offering a calendar of events, tourist destinations, and a hub of creative and business activity that promises plenty of networking and event opportunities. Networking events in Edinburgh benefit from all the tremendous links the city offers, something that you can take advantage of by finding networking events in Edinburgh or finding event organizers in Edinburgh on goodtonetwork.com

In terms of networking opportunities, Edinburgh’s dominant sectors mostly stem from the academic hub it provides. Home to multiple respected universities, including the world-renowned Edinburgh University, Edinburgh networking events offer tremendous opportunities for academic and professional networking, conferences, and events.

With the headquarters of multiple main U.K banks and members of the Forbes 150 top financial services, Edinburgh is a pivotal nexus when it comes to the banking and finance sector, making it a great place for people looking to find financial networking events in Edinburgh. Additionally, Edinburgh also enjoys a diverse art and creative scene, making it attractive to young professionals, and creatives working in media and marketing, as well as artists and publishers. No matter what your industry, if you’re searching for that all-important Edinburgh networking event, then you can find all the best networking events in Edinburgh or find well-connected event organizers in Edinburgh.

There is a wide range of events and festivals throughout the year that will capture the imaginations of any visitor, including the Edinburgh Film Festival. But the highlight of the calendar is the Edinburgh Fringe. The world’s most famous comedy festival, it occupies the heart of Edinburgh throughout the summer, with a diverse lineup casting big names alongside up and coming talents, it’s helped to launch the careers of some of the biggest names in film and tv.

With so much of what happens in the city revolving around the arts, it makes sense that Edinburgh has a plethora of cultural offerings across the arts, theatre, museums, and of course—comedy. In terms of music, Edinburgh has a host of small independent venues, including the acclaimed and intimate Sneaky Pete's. It also has a number of renowned comedy venues, including The Stand , which has hosted some of the biggest names in U.K comedy.

For art lovers, Edinburgh has a number of smaller art galleries showcasing contemporary works, especially in the Haymarket area, as well as two National Galleries featuring the best of classic and contemporary art from around the world.

For sightseers, Edinburgh is a true treasure trove, with a number of historical buildings and expansive green spaces. The highlight is Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano which offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding woodland landscapes, showcasing the scenery that makes Edinburgh one of the most beautiful cities in the U.K. In the heart of the city there is Edinburgh Castle, one of the most iconic tourist attractions in Europe, and host to a number of historical performances and reenactments. Beneath its streets, Edinburgh also has a truly unique visitor experience, with tours that wander the underground vaults and tunnels that were once frequented by grave-robbers, forming part of a shadow city hidden below.

Edinburgh offers some of the finest examples of the Scottish culinary experience, with restaurants from some the country’s biggest chefs showcasing the very best in local and national produce. The centerpiece of this scene is the Michelin-starred flagship of renowned chef Martin Wishart. For those looking to relax in a more lively environment, Edinburgh has an impressive collection of trendy bars, including the world-renowned Bramble with its vibrant atmosphere and expertly crafted cocktail menu.

Events in Sheffield : Doncaster, Chesterfield, Wakefield

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Visitors, and those enjoying networking events in Sheffield, can also enjoy the breathtaking views and stunning scenery of the famed Peak District—which is less than 1 hours journey away. Alternatively, after you’ve finished with your Sheffield networking event, you can enjoy the amenities, stately homes, and attractions of the nearby city of Doncaster.

Once the beacon of the steel industry, Sheffield has undergone a 21st-century renaissance, in the process becoming a hub for digital innovation and new 21st-century technologies, leading to a growing number of amazing Sheffield networking events. All of which can be discovered by joining Goodtonetwork.com and finding networking events in Sheffield, or event organisers in Sheffield.

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Throughout this year and beyond, Sheffield will be host to an eclectic and intriguing collection of events and festivals. This includes the Sheffield Doc Fest, aimed at bringing the most illuminating and well-made documentary films to the city. The first-ever national athletics event for wounded and injured veterans and military personnel in the form of the Invictus Trials. And Out Of This World, a vast free-entry sci-fi convention.

When it comes to cultural offerings Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre is sure to have something to savor. With an impressive in-house program, as well as productions from esteemed touring companies such as the National Theatre. There’s also the Leadmill, an iconic venue that has been at the heart of the performance scene in

Sheffield since the 1980s and offers live music, comedy, and cinema. If your tastes are a little more avant-garde, then there’s the Theatre Deli—specializing in experimental and challenging performance art, drama, and comedy. For art aficionados in Sheffield, the best offering is the free-entry Graves Gallery. Perched atop Sheffield’s central library, it houses a permanent art collection that spans multiple eras and styles.

Visitors can experience a wide array of attractions and sights whilst in Sheffield, including the unique setting of the Tropical Butterfly House. Bringing the exotic to northern England, this wildlife park houses lemurs, meerkats, butterflies, and much more. A little closer to home, there is the Sheffield Botanical Gardens. A bright and visually stunning enclosure that spans almost 20 acres and houses over 5,000 plant species. If the British weather isn’t holding up, then there is also The Winter Gardens. This indoor garden complex holds over 2,500 species of plants and forms the largest urban glasshouse in Europe.

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience, then Rafters represents the absolute pinnacle of what Sheffield has to offer. Having won numerous awards, from its classical setting in the city’s scenic suburbs they showcase a diverse and mouth-watering menu of dishes. For those seeking a more casual dining experience, the Tamper at Sellers Wheel offers a Kiwi-inspired cafe with delicious light meals and their own signature coffee blend.

Sheffield also has a diverse range of retail options for shoppers, including the Indie Arcade, which showcases a staggering array of boutique and concept vintage clothing stores, hidden away from the bustle of the high-street.

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