About Us

Life is about the unforgettable moments, the memorable experiences that you still look back on with fondness decades later. Whether it’s an art exhibition that opened your eyes to a new world, the party that capped off the holiday of a lifetime, or the networking event that put you on the path to success.

We want to build a community around those moments, a digital haven where people can gather to discuss, bond, and share in the events and experiences that interest them.

This community—made up of organisers and users— will be a part of building a network of events and access that stretches across the U.K and abroad, putting people in touch with the events and contacts they need no matter where they are.

We know first hand the power this kind of community can have—after all the very idea for Good To Network was born in the kind of moments we hope to make happen.

Good To Network.com began by chance, with the simple meeting of two kindred spirits at a food festival in East London. As that relationship grew, with the two of them taking in different events across the city together, they found more people with shared interests, and thus they began to develop their own small network. This is what inspired our founders, and what inspires all of us to this day, the joy that can be found by bringing people together in business and social circles.

Goodtonetwork.com takes these principles and brings them together on a much larger scale.

Offering an online community and networking hub where those with shared interests and purposes can come together, to create moments and opportunities for each other, and share in the experiences that matter.

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