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GTN offers a comprehensive event listing combined with social and business networking opportunities where members can enjoy access to events, opportunities and social networking for professionals, friends, businesses and students.

This can be done through participation in conferences, meetings, fairs, expo, short training courses, exhibitions, international business forums, festivals, and more.

There are various events that you can utilize to increase your business networking efforts. These includes conferences, workshops, business fairs, meetings and festivals. By keeping track of networking events in your area , you can plan ahead and attend events that will help you boost your credibility and give you opportunities to connect with potential partners and leads. At GTN you can enjoy business networking through various events; find out who is attending, when the next event is, and how you can participate.

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Effective networking at events can only happen when potential participants know who is attending and are in contacts prior to the events take place. This is why GTN is the leading resource for business and social networking.

With you can not only see what events are coming up, but where they will be held and who will be attending. provides the ability to connect people through events and opportunities.

  • A platform for advertising events and opportunities
  • The ability to see who will be attending an event
  • A platform for connecting classmates and colleagues who worked together in the past
  • A platform for searching events and opportunities
  • A community where members can be informed about upcoming events
  • A platform to share event photos, experience, news and videos

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